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Beaks is an American YouTuber widely known for doing different building strategies on Fortnite. He is notable for creating ramp rushes, some notable ones are the Thanos Ramp Rush, Dorito Ramp Rush and the 6 Layer Ramp Rush. He is also known for "wasting materials in Fortnite" by creating illusions. Currently Beaks makes videos on testing building and editing in different regions and testing them with low ping and high ping. On March 14, 2019, Beaks joined Team Parallel.


Beaks started off as a Fortnite console player, getting multiple high kill games before making educational and tutorial Fortnite videos. His first tutorial is how to double wall ramp on console, how to practice build battling before the release of Fortnite playground and how to take high ground.

Personal Life

Beaks is currently working on body-building, though has been decreasing present time. Beaks mentioned on Twitter he used to go to the Gym every day but is going 2 - 3 times a week. He is hoping to return to the gym every day.

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