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Mike, better known online as Become The Knight (or more commonly Mike the Music Snob), is an American YouTube vlogger from the United States who makes review, rant and discussion videos about music, primarily heavy metal music. He has also done reaction videos related to music. His channel username, Become The Knight, is also the name of his personal music project. He currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

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A project by guitar player and songwriter Michael Kupris. Its mission is bringing progressive metal to more people and increasing appreciation. Become The Knight gives people the opportunity not just to hear Prog, but come along for the journey every step of the way. Many bands try to be more than what they really are, just a bunch of regular people trying to make some noise and see if anyone likes it. That's what Become The Knight wants to show. Awesome Progressive Metal by a guy who's a little funny and awkward. The best way to get it, is to check out the YouTube page.

Musical Influences

Mike's musical influences includes, but is possibly not limited to, Opeth, Baroness, Dream Theater, Periphery, Thank You Scientist, Metallica, Steve Vai, Cell 15, and Koji Kondo.

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