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Howdy ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to another Behzinga video, today...

―Behzinga's Intro

Ethan Leigh Payne (born: June 20, 1995 (1995-06-20) [age 25]), better known online as Behzinga (or Behz for short), is an English YouTuber and a member of the Sidemen.


Ethan was born in a hospital in London which was very close to Upton Park (the stadium in which his favorite football team - West Ham United - played until 2016). Ethan's father left him when he was very young so his mother, Ruth, brought him up by herself. It is unknown if the current whereabouts of Ethan's biological father. Ruth has appeared in many of Ethan's videos and he bought her a brand new car when his YouTube career took off.

Ethan went to a school called Marshalls Park in Romford in East London. He was once suspended for a week after getting into a fight and embarrassed himself after his trousers fell down when he stood on the teacher's desk. He admits he was always the kid in school who messed about and was constantly getting into trouble.

After finishing school at 16 in 2011, Ethan moved to Essex and enrolled in South Essex College to study game development. He passed the course and has this qualification to fall back on should YouTube ever fail. Ethan uploaded his first YouTube video on May 5, 2012.

YouTube Career

He gained popularity from football challenges and playing games such as FIFA and GTA with the members of the Sidemen. However, he has changed his content recently and now makes more lifestyle and real-life content.

Ethan is best known for his uncontrollable laughter at almost everything.

Until 2017, Ethan lived in the Stratford Halo in his own flat. In September 2017, Ethan moved out of his flat and relocated to south-east London to live in a flat near the 02 arena. Now, as of September 2020, Ethan has moved yet again to a different flat.

In 2018, Ethan lost a significant amount of weight. He used to be insulted for being overweight, whereas he is now considerably more healthy. He has lost over 65lbs and is continuing his process as an athlete.  Ethan was in a relationship with Emily Geere from 2016 to 2018.

Ethan also has a second channel named "Beh2inga" where he posts gaming videos.


  • As Ethan grew up in Essex, he is often stereotyped as "the dumb Essex boy" (as seen by his lack of intelligence during general knowledge games such as Trivial Pursuit). This is to be taken as a joke, as Ethan normally laughs along with it.
  • Ethan gained a C in GCSE Science. He claims this was "the only C he got".
  • Ethan once had to hide under a table while in school because his pants fell down.
  • Ethan is a supporter of West Ham United.
  • On the JaackMaate's Happy Hour Podcast, released in March 2020, Ethan revealed that in his younger years he used to smoke weed "regularly", including during the early years of the Sidemen channel.
  • Ethan has struggled with mental health, telling the story while drunk he got in his car, when he realised his mistake when he thought about how upset his loved ones would be.
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