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Bella Fiori has more than One Million Subscribers
Bella Fiori is a Vlogger
Bella Fiori is from Australia
Bella Fiori is female
Bella Fiori created their account in 2015
Bella Fiori is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Isabella "Bella" L. Fiori (born: June 21, 1997 (1997-06-21) [age 24]) is an Australian lifestyle vlogging YouTuber from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, that joined YouTube on March 2, 2015, and has accumulated 2,450,000 subscribers and 232 million views as of late November 2021.


Bella began her career by launching her YouTube channel in March 2015, and she decided to upload content related to lifestyle, fashion, and pop culture, starting off by posting videos on fashion and beauty-related topics. She continued posting videos in a similar fashion, and then, many younger millenials started viewing and subscribing to the channel because of its relatable content. Bella has then focused on simple makeup tips and tutorials showcasing economical products that any ordinary individual could pick up

After earning a sizable number of subscribers, Bella started exploring other popular YouTube trends. She posted videos on hauls, skincare routines, and weekly fashion recaps, all of which have become more popular.


  • She is ambidextrous and prefers using both hands equally to keep herself flexible.
  • She has confessed that she hates the taste of chocolate and refuses to eat it.