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Ben Azelart has more than One Million Subscribers
Ben Azelart has more than Five Million Subscribers
Ben Azelart has more than One Billion Views
Ben Azelart is a Vlogger
Ben Azelart is from the United States
Ben Azelart is male
Ben Azelart created their account in 2014
Ben Azelart is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Benjamin Roger Azelart (born: January 10, 2002 (2002-01-10) [age 20]) is an American YouTube vlogger, skateboarder, content creator and social media influencer. He is well known for collaborating with Brent Rivera and his videos.

Azelart played a role in the Brat TV series 'Brobot' with the character Billy, alongside with Brent Rivera and Lexi Rivera. Azelart plays a high school football quarterback who has a crush on Lexi's character Max.

In 2018, Azelart join in with Brent Rivera in his studio call AMP Studios, alongside creators like Lexi Hensler and Jeremy Hutchins.

He now posts weekly on his YouTube channel, which has grown extremely popular in recent times and his content mainly involves pranks and challenge videos. Azelart usually involves other YouTubers, friends, and members of his family in his videos. His ex, Lexi, known as Alexa Rivera appears in most of his videos as well as his friends.


  • He has a brother named Julien.