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Ben J. Pierce (born: February 19, 1999 (1999-02-19) [age 25]), previously known online as KidPOV, is an American YouTube vlogger, actor, singer, dancer, and self-proclaimed eyebrow activist, known for his makeup tutorials and vlogs talking about himself, life and social issues in a preppy light and child-like personality.

He has also made multiple music collaborations with well-known YouTubers and friends Dorothy "Dodie" Clark and Thomas Sanders, along with Jon Cozart, the owner of the Paint YouTube channel.

He also transformed Tyler Oakley to look like him in the video "TRANSFORMING TYLER OAKLEY INTO ME" in June 2015.

Early Life[]

Ben Pierce was born in Dallas, Texas on February 19, 1999. He lived as a closeted teenager before coming out. As Pierce began posting on YouTube, he found an outlet with other similar individuals in the online community. He befriended fellow YouTube artists Troye Sivan and Tyler Oakley.


Ben had his music debut in 2014 as Benny (on the YouTube channel of the same name), reaching viral success with the self-produced music video "Little Game", a powerful song addressing the gender norms and stereotypes of society, released October 25, 2014, and being only 15 when made. The song currently has over 14 million views and is his most popular song to date.

On December 10, 2016, at 17 years old, he released the follow-up to his music career, the song "Boys Will Be Boys", a song about toxic masculinity and the effects it can have on a person, although Pierce emphasizes that the song can mean something different and unique for every person. The music video currently holds over 4 million views.

"(Boys Will Be Boys) was sort of an accident," Pierce said in a YouNow live stream. “I was sitting at the piano one night and wrote the 'cause if boys will be boys' part, and I was like, I really need to do this."

"It’s kind of about taking that phrase “boys will be boys” and turning it on its head,” Pierce said. "I'm really happy with how it turned out".

On June 1, 2017, he released the audio to his song "Never Apart", followed by a music video June 15th of the same year. The music video currently holds over 350K views.

Personal Life[]

He was raised in Dallas, Texas with a brother and sister before later moving to Los Angeles, California. He began studying and professionally working as an actor at the age of eleven. Finding success in fields such as sketch comedy, improv, and stand-up comedy, he created a YouTube channel on August 28, 2011, posting a video called "Call Me Maybe" - Swift Youth Group, Alabama Roadtrip" on June 27, 2012. He has since gathered an audience of over 200K subscribers.


  • He appeared as the winning contestant on the Nickelodeon game show BrainSurge in a special episode featuring Jordin Sparks.
  • He appeared in a 2012 feature film called Hiding in Plain Sight.
  • He also recently starred in Season 2 of Guidance as 'Smiley' (2016) and in Season 4 of Fuller House as 'Casey' (2018).
  • He came out as gay/queer on June 6, 2017, on a video, titled, "✰ sincerely, an internet gay boy ✰ | (coming out)"