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Ben Phillips (Born: October 10, 1992 (1992-10-10) [age 26]) is a British YouTube, Instagram, and Vine sensation known for his pranks. He has more than 4 million subscribers and 920 million video views on YouTube and 1.8 million followers on Instagram.

Before Fame

Before fame, Ben worked at his mother's shoe shop in England.


  • Ben is obsessed with superglue and Carl thinks he has a serious addiction to the adhesive seeing that it is the most commonly used tool in most of his pranks.
  • He made £12,000 from a sponsored video for Ford Europe which starred Harley.
  • Ben has a cat named Vuitton and once had a rabbit named Cookie who passed away on November 24 (unknown year).
  • Ben's favourite shoes are Christian Louboutin mens sneakers
  • He loves his grandparents
  • He has launched his own gaming app called Wire. 
  • He says he's is in a relationship with a car.
  • In one of his vlogs, he revealed that he's struggling with anxiety attacks for the past five years

Rise To Fame

His Dr. Harley series, where he dressed up his then-girlfriend's son as a doctor, went viral. He had more than 1.3 million subscribers before the app shut down. His Youtube channel has amassed up to 3 million subscribers, and upon reaching this target, Ben superglued a d*ldo to Elliot's forehead.

Personal life

He is a local of Bridgend, Wales and has a cat named Vuitton. His brother Elliot Giles is known for his short temper, black tooth, calling ladies a "simple b*tch" and constantly refers to himself as "Big D*ck Giles"" *insert hip thrust*. Giles has a severe hatred towards pranks, being filmed and Carl.

Associated With 

  • Elliot Giles 
  • Harley Lion 
  • Jordan (Georgina Powell)
  • Farmer Chris
  • Surfer Tris (Tristan)
  • Carl Twinney (Camera-man Carl)
  • Marge (Bens ex neighbour* & Elliot's Next Door Neighbour)
  • Norman The Cat (Marge's pet)
  • Nana Giles & Brian (Grandad) Giles-Phillips (Ben & Elliot's Grand Parents)
  • ​​​​Maria & Dave Phillips (Ben & Elliot Parents)
  • Trickey (Ben & Elliot's Gardener)


He collaborated on a video called "Gummy Money Does Not Work In London" with

  • Nicholas Megalis
  • Arron Crascall
  • Joe Charman.
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