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Ben Phillips (born: October 10, 1992 (1992-10-10) [age 27]), is a Welsh YouTuber known for his pranks.

Before fame

Before fame, Ben worked at his mother's shoe shop in Bridgend, Wales. It is unknown what school he attended however it might have been Brynteg School with Elliot as referred in his Sorry Bro book. 

Rise To Fame

His Dr. Harley series, where he dressed up his then-girlfriend's son as a doctor, went viral. He had more than 1.3 million subscribers before the app shut down.

Personal life

He is a local of Bridgend, Wales and has a cat named Vuitton. His brother Elliot Giles is known for his short temper, black tooth, calling ladies a "simple b*tch" and constantly refers to himself as "Big D*ck Giles" insert hip thrust. Giles has a severe hatred towards pranks, being filmed and Carl. He is dating Georgia Gee Haines.  He has released 2 books. Sorry Bro in 2016 which became a worldwide success followed by School Of Pranks in 2018 2 years later. 

Associated with

  • Elliot Giles 
  • Harley Lion 
  • Jordan (Georgina Powell)
  • Farmer Chris
  • Surfer Tris (Tristan)
  • Carl Twinney (Camera-man Carl) Formerly 
  • Marge (Bens ex neighbour AND Elliot's Next Door Neighbour)
  • Norman The Cat (Marge's pet)
  • Nana Giles and Brian (Grandad) Giles-Phillips (Ben And Elliot's Grand Parents)
  • ​​​​Maria and Dave Phillips (Ben AND Elliot Parents)
  • Trickey (Ben and Elliot's Gardener)
  • Jake Smith
  • Connor Thomas
  • Ethan


  • Ben is obsessed with superglue and Carl thinks he has a serious addiction to the adhesive seeing that it is the most commonly used tool in most of his pranks. He is also obsessed with chilli as seen in the early pranks. In later videos, chilli is used less often. 
  • He made £12,000 from a sponsored video for Ford Europe which starred Harley.
  • Ben has a cat named Vuitton and once had a rabbit named Cookie who passed away on November 24 (unknown year).
  • Ben's favourite shoes are Christian Louboutin mens trainers.
  • He loves his grandparents.
  • He has launched his own gaming app called Wire. 
  • He says he's is in a relationship with a car.
  • In one of his vlogs, he revealed that he's struggling with anxiety attacks for the past five years
  • Ben started his YouTube channel in February 2015. His first video was Trolley Thief. 
  • His most popular video as of December 2019 is the Vibrating Pants video with 9.6 million viewers across the world watching it. 
  • He once had a TV show on Comedy Central called Ben Phillips Blows Up in 2017. Since then he briefly created cartoons on his other channel the Ben and Elliot show. 
  • He has been on 2 tours around the UK, Europe and the world in 2016 and 2017. For unknown circumstances his 2019 tour didn't take place. 
  • His friend and colleague Carl departed the Ben Phillips HQ in February 2020 so it is unknown who will replace him. Since then Carl started a YouTube channel for himself. 
  • He is currently dating Gee Haines aka Georgia. She has her own YouTube channel which she focuses on travel and occasionally pranks. 
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