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BetaEtaDelota (born: January 3, 1998 (1998-01-03) [age 22]), is an American YouTuber who makes comedic and informational videos surrounding the furry community.

History of his channel

Pre-ANE 2018

BetaEtaDelota began his YouTube channel on December 27, 2014. In the beginning, his channel primarily focused on gaming and commentary styled videos. On April 28, 2017 he uploaded a video talking about the furry fandom called THE 7 LEVELS OF BEING A FURRY (Dante's Edition) which would end up being his most viewed video, with over a million views as of January 2020. Afterwards, he started putting more focus on furry related content, but planned on shifting away from it after announcing he'd make more gaming videos on February 12, 2018 as he wanted to make more than just furry content.

ANE 2018

After attending a furry convention called Anthro New England 2018, BetaEtaDelota started to change his focus and thoughts towards the furry fandom explaning how it changed his life. He disused in a video about his experiences at the convention such as meeting his first YouTube fans as well as other popular furry youtubers such as Majira Strawberry. He mentioned how this experience changed his life and saved him from a really dark time in his life.

After ANE 2018

After the convention ended, Beta changed his mind and decided to make more videos relating to the furry community. Since then, he's made over 90 videos which are mostly focused on furries and discussing about various topics such as conventions.

His content

BetaEtaDelota mostly makes informational videos relating to the furry fandom such as the discussion of species created by furries, story time videos, and collabs with other furry youtubers.

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