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Catch me outside, how about that?

―Danielle on the Dr. Phil show.

Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli[1] (born: March 26, 2003 (2003-03-26) [age 17]), also known by her stage name Bhad Bhabie,[2] is an American YouTuber, rapper, and Internet personality. She first became known from an episode of Dr. Phil, where she said the phrase "Catch me outside, how about that?" which ended up becoming a viral internet meme and catchphrase. In 2017, she became the youngest female rapper ever to appear on the Billboard Hot 100 with her debut single "These Heaux".[3] She signed a record real with Atlantic Records, and released her first mixtape, 15, in September 2018.

Early Life

Danielle was born in Boynton Beach, Florida. Her father, Ira, who is Jewish, and her mother, Barbara Ann, who is of Italian descent, split up when she was young, and are not on good terms. She was raised in Palm Beach County, Florida.


Dr. Phil appearance

On September 14, 2016, Danielle and her mother went on the talk show Dr. Phil to be interviewed for the segment "I Want To Give Up My Car-Stealing, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Tried To Frame Me For A Crime" to discuss Danielle’s behaviour, which included stealing a crew member's car while the episode was being filmed. When she became irritated, since the audience laughed at her expense, she responded to them by saying "Catch me outside, how about that?", jokingly challenging them to a fight outside the studio, but her accent made the phrase sound like "Cash me ousside, how bout dah” which became a meme and Danielle became known as the "'Cash Me Outside' Girl". On February 10, 2017, Danielle reappeared on the show, but without the studio audience, due to the response at her previous appearance.

Legal Issues

Following her appearance on Dr. Phil, she was sent to spend time at a Utah ranch for "troubled teens". She was later arrested and pleaded guilty to charges of grand theft, marijuana possession, and filing a false police report, for which she was sentenced to five years' probation in July 2017,[4] but it ended early, since she got a new and better lawyer.[5]


On August 24, 2017, Danielle released her first single, "These Heaux" (pronounciation: these hoes). The song reached number 77 on the Billboard Hot 100, and the success of the song prompted Atlantic Records to sign her for a multi-album recording contract. On September 22, 2017, she released "Hi Bich", which climbed to number 68 on the Billboard Hot 100 and a day later, she released "Whachu Know", as a single alongside the video.

On March 26, 2018, Danielle celebrated her birthday with a new song release, "Gucci Flip Flops", featuring Lil Yachty. The song debuted at number 80 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it her 3rd song to get on the list. She received a 2018 Billboard Music Award nomination in the category of Best Female Rap Artist, along with Cardi B and Nicki Minaj.


  • She got her accent "from the street".
  • Her mother filed lawsuits at many companies for using her "Catch me outside" catchphrase on merchandise without permission.
  • Some of the things that got her on Dr. Phil are stealing cars and credit cards, and even framing her mother for drug use.
  • Her and her mother are permanently banned from flying with Spirit Airlines after Danielle punched a woman on-board a flight.


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