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Wassup guys, how's it going! Welcome back to another video!

―Biggs87x's Intro

Ricky (born: September 24), better known online as Biggs87x (or Biggs), is an English Minecraft and Roblox YouTuber. He is well known for his Minecraft tutorials on how to build or make certain things, from a sink to a literal bubble bath. But, he also sometimes infamous for his, what some people think, clickbait; or misleading content, video titles, and thumbnails.

Vlog Channel

In addition to his main and second channel, Biggs also has a vlog channel, going by the name “Ricky And Zai”.

Second Gaming Channel

In addition to a vlog channel, also has a second channel, focused on Roblox roleplaying and gameplays. There, he plays Roblox with his wife.


Ricky was born on September 24, in England, United Kingdom. Ricky started his first channel on 29th April 2012. Zai and Ricky were seeing each other 6 months before they told anyone, by making the video “the start of a beautiful relationship, Sky blocks” He has a little sister, coco and a cousin tiktik and his ‘nan’. He got engaged to his present-day wife in 2016 and they married in 2018. Eventually, his wife moved to England with him.


  • Biggs actually has two other YouTube channels, one of them being vlog channel, and the other being a gaming channel.
  • He and Zai (his wife) were born on the same day.
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