Bijuu Mike has more than One Million Subscribers
Bijuu Mike plays video games
Bijuu Mike is a Reactor
Bijuu Mike is a Vlogger
Bijuu Mike is from the United States
Bijuu Mike is male
Bijuu Mike created their account in 2013
Bijuu Mike is a Content Creator on YouTube

Hey guys Bijuu Mike here but first...

―Bijuu Mike's intro

Michael Lucas (born: October 26, 1992 (1992-10-26) [age 28]), better known online as Bijuu Mike, is an American YouTuber who uploads gaming videos and vlogs. He is well known for creating videos about the games Yandere Simulator and Doki Doki Literature Club.


  • Before his career in YouTube took off, Michael was employed at Walmart.
  • His parents got a divorce when he was only a child.
  • He has a wife named Melissa.
  • Michael jokingly states that DanTDM is his twin brother.
  • Gacha Mike and Bijuu Mike are the same person, but he jokingly states that they are not related.
  • Michael is a huge anime fan.
  • Michael has an older sister.
  • Michael has dyed his hair a lot of colors during his time on YouTube; from his natural brown hair to green, pink, white, black, and he returned to his current hair color, green. and now he returned to his natural color
  • Michael is left-handed.
  • The channel features a handful of iconic characters, including but not limited to Clarence, Scrub-chan, Yandere-chan with eyepatch (from Michael's "How to Catch a Cheater" series), and Flavia (from Share My Story).
  • He also makes reaction videos for animation channels such as My Story Animated, Share My Story, Storybooth, etc.
  • He made a Yandere Simulator song with Endigo called My Senpai.
  • He is a preset in Gacha Life and Gacha Club (Club VIP).


Subscriber Milestones

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  • 1 million subscribers: February 9, 2018.
  • 2 million subscribers: May 28, 2019.
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