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William Joseph Briglia, Jr. (born: April 25, 1998 (1998-04-25) [age 21]), better known online as BillyB123, Bbriglia98, or just Billy, is an American YouTuber and beatboxer who currently resides in New Jersey. He uploads weekly videos of him doing challenges and vlogs and does weird things like trying on high heels in public and doing a fashion walk in them in front of a few people who are judging him.

Early Life

William Joseph Briglia, Jr. was born in Voorhees, New Jersey. His city of residence is unknown, but he lives in the state of New Jersey. Briglia has 5 siblings. His father is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, shortened to DO. Briglia, as told by his younger brother, has the duane syndrome, a condition where the eye is limited to look a certain way because of a nerve. His younger brother also has duane syndrome.

Save PewDiePie Video

On February 22, 2019, Billy uploaded a video where he blasts "B*tch Lasagna" at his local library to save PewDiePie. The video, as of March 2019, now has more than one million views. His video had spread throughout social media sites such as Reddit. A Redditor named That1boi1234 posted the video to r/PewdiepieSubmissions. On April 3, 2018, Briglia uploaded a similar video, where he blasted "Witch Savanna" in the library. On April 22, 2019, Briglia posted a message confirming that he will soon be blasting "Congratulations" at his local library.

Rarely Posting

Billy did not post very often when he started YouTube. His first two videos were clips of him raging while playing shooter games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Modern Warfare 2. He often privates certain videos that he hates. Briglia especially privated videos of him playing The Escapists.  

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