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Biographics is an English YouTube channel hosted by Simon Whistler and created in 2017 where he analyzes in depth the life and legacy of various real life people form history, from military leaders, to royalty and nobility, to celebrities, to artists, to authors, to philosophers, to businessmen, to politicians, to dictators, to monarchs, to criminals, to athletes. Occasionally he'll even discuss famous animals and famous fictional characters; two examples of the latter category includes King Arthur and Sherlock Holmes. This was actually Simon Whistler's fourth YouTube channel. His first, TopTenz, was created in 2010, and involves him making daily top 10 lists on various topics; his second, Today I Found Out, created in 2011, involves him taking an individual topic and going more in depth with it; and his third, Simon Whistler, created in 2015, is his vlog channel.  

Simon Whistler

Simon Whistler was born and raised in the United Kingdom, on May 13, 1987, and is currently travelling around the world.  He's currently living in the Czech Republic, and has created traveling vlogs on his vlog channel documenting his experiences.  

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