BionicSlime focuses on Anime
BionicSlime is a Reviewer
BionicSlime is from the United States
BionicSlime is male
BionicSlime created their account in 2009
BionicSlime is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Hello everybody, this is BionicSlime, your online voice for reviews of your choice, and welcome to BS Reviews.


BionicSlime is an American online anime reviewer who launched his show on March 8, 2009. Aside from anime reviews, he also does movie reviews, rants, and top 12 lists.

Otaku Project

For about 2 to 3 years, BionicSlime was part of a website with a few other anime and manga reviewers known as the Otaku Project. It was dissolved back in 2012.

Geek Tank Podcast

Geek Tank Podcast is a created Q&A Podcast formed by BionicSlime and two former anime reviewers, TheLavaBuster and B The Trivial Critic.


A podcast featuring LavaBuster and B the Trivial Critic.

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