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Gibson Kite (born: January 4, 2001 (2001-01-04) [age 19]), better known online as BionicleSaurus, is an American YouTuber who posts videos about dinosaurs.


Dinosaur Island

Dinosaur Island was Bioniclesaurus's first series on YouTube and what gave him his popularity, he originally made the series in 2011 but they never went to YouTube until 2013. Over the next 2 years he would make 39 episodes and 3 seasons of the show, with each episode getting anywhere from 100,000 views to 3.5 million views. By the time the series ended he had gotten over 10,000 subscribers. But after it was over many people left and he focused on Figure Reviews. But with a 2 year break and new filming equipment and skill. He came back with Dinosaur Island Season 4.

This season was better then the other 3 by a long shot and while it did not get as many views as before it was leagues better then the previous seasons. Now he is on his 5th season which has managed to be better then the 4th. He has now been making Dinosaur Island for a impressive 8 years and through it all he has changed from a ambitious kid to a film maker.

Dinosaur Figure Reviews

BionicleSaurus now dedicates his channel to dinosaur figure reviews. These videos tend to be in between him making his shows such as Dinosaur Island and Mind Dive.


Unfortunatly with the announcement of COPPA Bioniclesaurus decided to play it safe and abandon his youtube channel and start uploading on Instagram. This meant all of his videos except for 2 all about COPPA were privated and reuploaded to other sites.


After months only doing videos on Instagram Bioniclesaurus decided to unprivate all of his videos and get rid of his update videos. It is currently unknown if he plans to continue uploading new videos on youtube or just keeping his old videos up.


  • Bioniclesaurus originally was also going to upload Lego Bionicle reviews.
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