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BlackHatRBX is an English Roblox YouTuber and makes Roblox music videos and animations. His first Roblox animation is a remake called Magic Spoon, made on March 10, 2018. His video was gaining views and likes which is still gaining views and likes today. He made a Roblox rant video about Roblox vore, the video explains how weird Roblox vore is. Unfortunately, he deleted his Roblox vore videos most likely due to YouTube thinking that BlackHatRBX is interested in Roblox vore.


BlackHat's very first Roblox animation was made back in 2014, he used Windows Movie Maker to make his Roblox animation. However, his very first animation is not on YouTube right now. His very first Roblox animation was based on his school.

3 years later, BlackHat used to be CrackQuliho back in 2017, focused on Roblox machinimas and Roblox tutorials. His successful video was an animation about Kavra being evil to CrackQuilho. It surprisingly reached 100 views.

BlackHat started to make these Roblox machinimas and Roblox tutorials. He was enjoying it at the time until he deleted his YouTube account in February 2018. Due to his channel not getting subscribers and his videos weren't successful, unlike his Kavra video. His old YouTube channel got 72 subscribers back then.

On January 31, 2018, his channel "BlackHatRBX" was created.


BlackHat's first video is KaylaTubeStudios in a Nutshell. On February 20, 2018, which is still around on YouTube today, his first video is basically an edited video. Later, he got criticized for "offending" KaylaTubeStudios. He confirms that he wasn't offending KaylaTubeStudios and the video is for entertainment purposes. ]

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