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Felix Lace, better known online as Black Pigeon Speaks, is a political, social commentary, and vlogging channel discussing a variety of topics such as politics, news, current events, and vlogs.


Black Pigeon Speaks created his channel on November 13, 2011. He became more active within the YouTube political scene in 2016 and began gaining a following.

BPS analyzes a current event, online events, and other related material from a right-wing point of view. His channel began growing throughout 2016 due to his unique approach of presenting information without overtly showing his bias.

Due to the content of his nature, Black Pigeon Speaks has attracted some critics during his YouTube career, mainly by media firms and RationalWiki. Many of his detractors call him a conspiracy theorist without much evidence although he has gotten into a fair bit of actual controversy with other YouTubers in the recent past.

On June 4th, 2019, YouTube terminated his monetization on his channel. Nine days later, BPS was banned from YouTube temporarily until his content was restored.


Being a political and social-based channel, BPS has been involved in controversy in the past.

Feud with Kraut

In December 2018, Kraut uploaded a video accusing Black Pigeon Speaks of plagiarizing his videos and content. In response to Kraut’s accusations, BPS uploaded a two-hour long video refuting Kraut’s claims. This resulted in Kraut losing subscribers to under 100,000.

Censorship and Monetization

On June 4, 2019, BPS was one of the many channels whose monetization was banned completely in response to the VoxAdpocalypse. Nine days later on June 13, 2019, BPS had his channel terminated by YouTube temporarily. This resulted in a large controversy as YouTube banned a channel with a considerable follower base. Several YouTubers weighed in on this scandal that broke out. Due to BPS' controversial views, this has landed him into hot water with regards to being censored. Black Pigeon Speaks has had countless of his videos removed by YouTube for 'Hate Speech' violations, due to YouTube's vague policies on hate speech that are inconsistently applied. BPS was the subject of a study by the 'Shorenstein Center', a hit piece by CNN and was mentioned in an article by the 'Data society' calling on YouTube to censor right wing content creators on the 'platform'. Black Pigeon Speaks' video "MIGRANT "SEXUAL EMERGENCIES" - Plaguing the Swimming Pools of Europe" was the second video on YouTube to ever be put into YouTube jail or 'Limited State'. The video no longer remains on his channel.

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