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BlameSociety, or Blame Society Films/Productions, is an American YouTube channel mainly known for the comedy fan web series, Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager, as well as Fun Rangers, McCourt's in Session, Beer and Board Games, and Welcome to the Basement.


Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager

Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager is a popular comedy series on the channel. The series was originally developed for Channel 101. After being cancelled by the Cinescape audience after two episodes, Matt Sloan and Aaron Yonda decided to move the series to other venues, such as YouTube. In 2007, Matt Sloan and Aaron Yonda were awarded with Best Fan Film by George Lucus for the first episode. The series has 4 seasons, being made from 2007 - 2012.

Basic Plot

The series follows the life Chad Vader (Aaron Yonda & Matt Sloan), Darth Vader’s lesser-known brother, who works at Empire Market, along with his apprentice, “Commander” Wickstrom (Paul Guse), and other co-workers.

Full Series by Season w/ Playlist Links


  • Aaron Yonda - Chad Vader & Hal Thompson
  • Matt Sloan - Voice of Chad Vader, Clint Shermer, Champion J. Pepper, & Voice of Baby Cookie
  • Paul Guse - “Commander” Jeremy Wickstrom
  • Brad Knight - Randy Morgan
  • Karen Moeller - Maggie McCall
  • Craig Johnson - “Weird” Jimmy & Johnny
  • Rob Matsushita - Lloyd
  • Mike McCafferty - Ben “The Ghost”
  • Christina LaVicka - Clarissa
  • Kate Sprecher - Libby
  • Sarah Rogers - Michelle
  • Sean Moore - Sean “The Marshmallow Bandito“ Banditson
  • William Bolz - Lionel
  • Asa Derks - Tony Edwards
  • Kealynn Kees - Tammy
  • Wolfgang Stein - Robby Johnson
  • Brian Krause - Himself
  • Andy Gibson - Himself
  • Dave Cieslewicz (Former Mayor of Madison, WI) - Himself
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