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Blitz has more than One Million Subscribers
Blitz plays video games
Blitz is from the United States
Blitz is male
Blitz created their account in 2009
Blitz is a Content Creator on YouTube

"Oh hey everybody, I'm Blitz and welcome to…"

―Blitz's YouTube intro

Blitz (formerly known as Blitzkreigsler), is an American YouTuber known for playing various video games like Totally Accurate Battle Simulator and Hello Neighbor.

Personal life

While not much is known about his personal life, but he has hinted at some things about his life.

  • Before making YouTube his day job, his profession was civil engineering. (Stated on his Twitter, YouTube, and in multiple videos.)
  • His offical title as a civil engineer was "Hydraulic, hydrologic engineer.[1]
  • He lived somewhere in the North Central United States as a kid (In Modded RimWorld Alpha 9 Ep. 17 he talked about how he got Canadian television as a kid). He moved South after college, but he moved back north again in July 2017 with his wife and son to be closer to their family. He currently resides in or near Fargo, North Dakota.
  • He is somewhere between the ages of 32–35 years old.
  • He is married and has two children, names unknown, his son is referred as "Mini-Blitz". (born December 10, 2014 (2014-12-10) [age 7]) and his daughter is 2 years old. we learned that in his SwarmZ video (when his daughter walked in to say "Hi")
  • He has revealed several things about himself, including he has a beard, and that his wrist pops due to "Bumble Bee Syndrome."
  • He has shown his face several times in his unboxing videos.
  • He suffers from dyslexia which causes him to sporadically mispronounce words while reading.


  • Blitz reached 1 million subscribers during a special, rare, livestream of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator on August 14, 2017. Due to a fluctuating subscriber count - and Blitz requesting viewers unsubscribe and re-subscribe. - the channel hit 1 million subscribers four times during the stream.
  • He may live in North Dakota due to his fellow youtuber and friend, BaronVonGames, making a joke while using Totally Accurate Battle Simulator's "Unit Creator" beta.[2]