Ashraful Bari Sami Ashraful Bari Sami 4 hours ago

Ashraful Bari Sami is a Bangladeshi Successful Entrepreneurs

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Icibloom21 Icibloom21 11 hours ago



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JustLeafy JustLeafy 1 day ago

A few viral videos I'd like to share here

Alright, so in this blog, I'll share a few viral non-meme videos that I like and I guess it deserved to be "discussed" on Wikitubia, but since pages for individual viral videos aren't really allowed, I'll say them here, just as my personal dump of viral videos and describe/"document" them here:

  • 0.38 Second Rubik's Cube Solve - uploaded by Ben Katz, in this video, a robot manages to solve a Rubik's Cube in 0.38 seconds. Its hardware details can be viewed here and its software details here.
  • Cat has a crazy deep meow: Uploaded by Cash Cat Flava, this video features Jack, a cat who has a very rare form of laryngeal paralysis and his voice changed after his first surgery. Since posting this video, CCF has received a lot messages from people sendi…
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Пр Привет Пр Привет 6 days ago

Youtube Comments Series Part 1


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Пр Привет Пр Привет 6 days ago

Youtube Comments Series


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RXQ the bruh RXQ the bruh 6 days ago

My top 20 favorite Youtubers

Since this is now a post trend, i might as well do it.

Got this idea from Brainy and Cluckster.

  • 20: HowToBasic
  • 19: MrWhosetheBoss
  • 18: Roomieofficial
  • 17: Haminations
  • 16: Seth Everman
  • 15: Rooster Time
  • 14: Blantados
  • 13: Penguinz0
  • 12: MrNigelNg
  • 11: PewDiePie
  • 10: ThinkNoodles
  • 9: DanTDM
  • 8: Markiplier
  • 7: Dawko
  • 6: Davidlap
  • 5: The Game Theorists
  • 4: Davie504
  • 3: Pancho
  • 2: Memenade
  • 1: Steve Terreberry
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Green Shield YT Green Shield YT 6 days ago

UPDATE for Green Shield

UPDATE: Green Shield Channel Gets Terminated

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Enayy Enayy 6 days ago

that moment where no one sees blog posts


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Brainy5435 Brainy5435 8 days ago

My Top 20 Favorite YouTubers

I’m sort of stealing this idea from Cluckster, but too bad, I’m doing it...

Here’s my Top 20 favorite YouTubers in no particular order:

  • Alan Becker
  • Good Mythical Morning
  • Dude Perfect
  • Jarvis Johnson
  • diesel patches
  • penguinz0
  • PewDiePie
  • MrBeast
  • MeatCanyon
  • TheOdd1sOut
  • MrBallen
  • SML
  • CoryxKenshin
  • ProZD
  • mrnigelng
  • HowToBasic
  • jacksfilms
  • Smosh
  • PopularMMOs
  • Mark Rober
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MemeGod69420 MemeGod69420 14 days ago

This Is Just For A Badge

I only wrote this blog post to get the "Vlog It!" badge. If you read this than you are cool :D.

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Cluckster Cluckster 15 days ago

Top 20 favorite YouTubers

I did this before but that was long ago so I've decided to do it again.

Here are my top 20 favorite YouTubers in no particular order:

  • CG5
  • diesel patches
  • Element Animation
  • I Hate Everything
  • ibxtoycat
  • J.J. McCullough
  • jacksfilms
  • Jaiden Animations
  • jschlattLIVE
  • Mark Rober
  • MeatCanyon
  • Mr. Beat
  • Optimus
  • penguinz0
  • PewDiePie
  • Scott The Woz
  • The Game Theorists
  • TommyInnit
  • twomad
  • Vsauce
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Radfox35 Radfox35 15 days ago

I hope comments can always be more entertaining

I always feel like I forgot something in this literal essay, causing me to edit this like crazy. The problems I state below are getting on my nerves so much! is the straw that broke the camel's back. Just Some Guy without a Mustache is the most liked by a landslide, hearted, and not pinned. Way more liked than the pinned comment. Their presence on this comment section is annoying yet the statement "When your current PC is on life support, and you watch a video about someone else's PC being on life support" is relatable. All the other comments are rather good but don't go over 1k likes very often. I clicked "Newest First" after making a comment and I saw that every comment was made several minutes apa…

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Belu-Mom Belu-Mom 17 days ago


  • 1 Beluga
  • 2 Beluga's Age
    • 2.1 How many subscribers he has
      • 2.1.1 He has 5.8 Million subscribers
    • 2.2 Catzzzz
      • 2.2.1 Skittle-Chan

He is 19 according to the wiki


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Foxygirl13 Foxygirl13 21 days ago

Youtubersfor life who your fave

My fave youtubers are





Mr beast

I like all of them and i wish to meet them all some day i hope Please dont judge me tell me your fave youtubers

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Gen1chiroe Gen1chiroe 23 days ago


How to make a gallery?

So i was wondering how to make a gallery.

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Ijustappearalot Ijustappearalot 23 days ago

Wikitubian Tier List

Welp, it all comes down to this.

Back then, well recently as in like the last month or two

We have several posts regarding, Who's the best wikitubia admin?, Who's the best wikitubia c-mod, staff member tier list, etc.

But now, I've decided...

to unleashed the first ever Wikitubian Tier List on the wiki

Aight, let's hop in

(also I'm more active on the Discord than here on the wiki so you might be in that one tier later)

(and there's some Discord users on there as well, since I haven't really interacted with them so)

(Reasonings are Work In Progress because I'm busy)

  • 1 Unranked
  • 2 TOP Tier
  • 3 S Tier
  • 4 A Tier
  • 5 B Tier
  • 6 C Tier
  • 7 Haven't Really Known Yet
  • 8 D Tier
  • 9 E Tier
  • 10 F Tier
  • 11 Z Tier
  • 12 Borderline Cursed

  • BabylonTraveler2020
  • Davidjl123
  • Sauber-GT2000/WesleyRourkeXCWE

  • Enayy -…

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Solonor1987 Solonor1987 24 days ago

Hate spread Awareness

I know that everyone should respect Opinion but unfortunately I think that people who think that spreading hate is cool like they do to ImJayStation and others and same Gachatubers and still think its opinion well for me its not opinion anymore because people who force other to unsubs to someone because they dont want them on youtube because they say all their content are fake like they did to ImJayStation and many other for me its just unfair because they know that people who liked these youtubers see that haters try to force them to hate people they liked, but when haters see their plan didn't work they decide to report I know I can't change them despite talking some sense to them to see if they will change and regret t…

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MykullReee MykullReee 27 days ago

Pixl Networks...A past to remind ourselves about!

Back in 2013 Pixl Networks started as just a hobby for Myself and my business partner Matt (Last Name Withheld) . We wanted to show the world artists and music that haven't received its fame and to promote amateur music. Since we started booming we set our goals at 2-Mil subs...Then 3 Years we reached that; then we all decided to part ways and work on other stuff.

Sadly, no...I haven't had any contact with Matt since 2019 [Basically since we stopped] and I don't have the files and email logins to the admin portal of Pixl Networks anymore since services has been shut down.

I am currently going through university but am genuinely interested to start it again with a new server and a new team. Providing opportunities for people to learn and improv…

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Cluckster Cluckster 25 October

New policy for adding information

Hello, Wikitubians!

I would like to share with you a new policy we are enforcing on Wikitubia, and that any editors would need to know when adding information.

When adding any new information to any page, you must add a citation to the page to verify the legitimacy of the information, unless the information being added is something that is a known fact.

This new policy especially applies to Controversy sections, as those are usually the most important things to verify the legitimacy for with them being so controversial in nature.

When sourcing cites for information, make sure they are relevant to the information you’re adding as well as reliable, such as things the YouTuber has actually said or posted.

Last thing, when adding information make s…

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Not a dream stan Not a dream stan 12 October

i don't know what blogs are really used for lol

i only know that they're basically lesser announcements

i guess i'll make an announcement


i'm not a dream stan

ok bye i don't know if these blogs clog notifications or not since random people joined my "message wall" chain and replied to my previous blog

if it does sorry for interrupting you ok bye

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XKainProReturnsBack XKainProReturnsBack 30 September


Youtube is interesting

That is all

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BloodSushi BloodSushi 26 September

My first blog post

I never made a blog post before so this is my first one just to get the achievement. So, um............

What's up with Susan Wurzyckij?

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TootsieRollsAddict TootsieRollsAddict 14 September

Fandom oop

Looks like Fandom made a coding error

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Spongebob456 Spongebob456 8 September

The Downstream - September 10

Hey again folks!

Fandom is holding another edition of The Downstream on Friday, September 10 at 11am EST.

This 2-hour event is held on Twitch at and is a bit like a mini Community Connect 4 times a year. Fandom staff brief viewers on what is happening on Fandom, with the latest news and updates.

In this edition, guests include:

  • Joey Merkel, Director of Social Strategy & Operations, who will be presenting on how Fandom approaches social media and answering questions about how admins can manage social media accounts for their wikis.
  • Maggie Owens, Sr. Analyst - Site Analytics, who will be explaining how Fandom tracks traffic trends on the platform and connects them to external events, like how the Spider-Man trailer caused cert…
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Blafey Blafey 4 September

my experience on wikitubia

my experience on WikiTubia is extraordinary, it is one of my favourite fandoms and to be honest, I’ve enjoyed my time editing hundreds of pages in a span of over 3 years and counting. even though I may not comment a lot on general posts, I can tell you that my experience there is very satisfactory and superlative. thank you for your time.

- Blafey

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Minecrafteralt07 Minecrafteralt07 28 August

MCC 16

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TootsieRollsAddict TootsieRollsAddict 26 August

I Don't Like ContraPoints (and the New Left in general)

So let me say this out loud. I DON'T like her videos. Emphasis on videos.

If you want to know my political position, I would consider myself more of an Old Left type of person- the type with all of the Communism, Marxism, and Leninism. The real original, as what I would call it. Or to more accurately describe it, a Marxist. Which ContraPoints is not.

While I support political pluralism and diversity, I do feel kind of skeptical about the New Left in particular, as they are so...different...from the Left I am used to.

To me, ContraPoints is the very embodiment of what it is like to be an New Leftist, and as an Old Leftist, I feel a bit...disgusted. I don't mind her being LGBTQ+, or that she doesn't have a preference for conservatives (which I don…

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Mark Wilk Mark Wilk 22 August

Let's Get Dangie.

Tomorrow, I will have Boomer77wastaken do something "dangie".

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Good Ones Out Good Ones Out 19 August

Only for achievement

The tittle says it all

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Among Us Man12345 Among Us Man12345 9 August

Art's Animations

hey guys want me to add a belarussian countryball Youtuber? he's my favourite.

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StarGroupPlayz StarGroupPlayz 3 August


Fandom’s discussions and main website is down, and fandom has a new brand (sorry for an off topic)

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Brainy5435 Brainy5435 2 August

My Least Favorite YouTubers

YouTubers… it is what makes YouTube YouTube obviously. If it weren’t for YouTubers, then there would be no YouTube, or at least YouTube wouldn’t be that interesting than it is today. Some YouTubers are extremely good, and can help define YouTube as its finest, such as MrBeast, PewDiePie, and Dude Perfect. But there are also YouTubers that are extremely unlikable and have bad content. So today I’m going to go over my least favorite YouTubers and tell them why I don’t like them.

But before I get started, I just wanted to give a disclaimer that this list is simply my opinion, and that I will get a bit biased. So it is completely normal if you disagree with my opinions, that is fine, but just make sure to respect my opinion and don’t be a butth…

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TootsieRollsAddict TootsieRollsAddict 31 July

Potential candidates for Hall of Fame I highly recommend

Tootsie's Telegraphs 6: Potential Hall of Fame Candidates

Let me just cut straight to the chase.

There are many YouTubers who REALLY deserve to be in the Hall of Fame, and here is a (not exhaustive) list of them.

  • AlternateHistoryHub
  • Geography Now
  • Some Ordinary Gamers
  • CGP Grey

And that is all.

Hopefully that is enough to satisfy myself, but if you want to add someone, type it in the comments.

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TootsieRollsAddict TootsieRollsAddict 30 July

SOS Message

SOS Message: how da hecc do i add videos on the you tube video section

OK, I have had this burning question in my head: how the hell do I add YouTube videos into the "YouTuber1" infobox?

I genuinely have so much problems doing that I need the mods to help me.

But I want to do it myself. For my betterment, for the articles' betterment, and the mods' betterment.

And the Editing tutorial is not helping. How do I add the entire video? By adding an MP3 file? Or something?

Anyway, I don't know how to do it. Dear lord.

Yours faithfully,


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Cluckster Cluckster 30 July

Vote in the August Hall of Fame poll Here!

July's poll is over. With 11K votes our new Hall of Fame member with 4.4K votes is Ranboo! With second place, we have SethEverman who will be returning in this poll.

To suggest a YouTuber to be in the next poll, the requirements must be that they have over 1 million subscribers and that they aren't a company, major celebrity/music channel, or a kid/toy channel. They also can't be any YouTuber in this poll or any of our already Hall of Fame members. You can suggest YouTubers in the comment section of this post.

Make sure to vote and happy editing!

Here is a list of the current suggested YouTubers for next month:

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TootsieRollsAddict TootsieRollsAddict 29 July


Tootsie's Telegraphs Episode 4: WTF ARE VTUBERS??!!11

I know I am going to get quite a bit of hate from some of the V-Tuber fans. but I will spit it out anyway.

V-Tubers are bad, bad, bad. The literal definition of "cringe and virgin". And in no way in hell is it based and red-pilled.

I am going to be a bit biased on this one (because I hate anime and wee-a-boos) \, but come on.

I mean, the absolute f**king last thing I would want in this world is to have a weird computer-generated anime avatar looking at me through a screen and saying "Good Morning Senpai" at me. This makes Offline TV look like AlternateHistoryHub.

Anyway, this is just a little tirade by me, don't take it seriously.

If you like V-Tubers, I am actually glad that you found entert…

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Mr.kin9 Mr.kin9 27 July

Why did i just do?

why am i block for some reason, i just got back, and i realized that I have been blocked. Why...

Ok i get it, Blind.

Log #1, Mr.Kin9

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Ijustappearalot Ijustappearalot 22 July

Every Wikitubia Hall of Famer, Ranked

As a veteran YouTuber, I, KodamaGaming, have watched several YouTube videos, several channels, and much more. This will get outdated overtime as more and more YouTubers get on the Hall of Fame. But we'll see who get in the Hall of Fame... NOPE! Just kidding! They get in Wikitubia's Ball of Lame instead where they just sign their name on a ball of aluminum foil, which is pretty lame I guess.

Anyways, let's get into it!

  • 1 The Ranks
  • 2 #51/52 (Tied). Dream
  • 3 #51/52 (Tied). shane/Shane Dawson
  • 4 #50. The Film Theorists/The Game Theorists
  • 5 #49. REACT
  • 6 #48. Grian
  • 7 #47. LazarBeam
  • 8 #46. Jesus Christ
  • 9 #45. SAD-ist
  • 10 #44. RTGame
  • 11 #43. h3h3productions
  • 12 #42. ERB
  • 13 #41. Pyrocynical
  • 14 #40. LeafyIsHere
  • 15 #39. Daily Dose of Internet
  • 16 #38. Ranboo
  • 17 #37. iDubbbzTV
  • 18 #36. GradeAU…

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Mr.kin9 Mr.kin9 22 July

Y'all want QNA

Y'all want qna or wot?

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Zexawx Zexawx 13 July

Who is Zexawx?

Zexawx is an Indian artist known as an illustrator/cartoonist for creating vibrant art forms known as "Doodles".

He is from the beautiful city of Calcutta.

This city is known for its beautiful culture in all art forms and he is an example of the culture of Calcutta.

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TootsieRollsAddict TootsieRollsAddict 13 July

Wikitubia should interview Simone Giertz sometime soon

One of the newest pages I have created on Wikitubia is one about Simone Giertz.

She is a really good and talented YouTuber, and she is also quite a person in herself.

But, if there is one thing that she should really do is simple: WHY ISN'T WIKITUBIA INTERVIEWING HER?

I mean, she literally created a pickup truck from a Tesla Model 3, so she definitely must be cool, right?

And besides, it would also help me out in finishing her article a bit...faster.

So, if you want to vote on whether she should be interviewed or not, please vote here.

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AdeilnXYN AdeilnXYN 12 July


this is start of adeiln blog so hey i am adeiln and i like them statistics yes

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TheIkranRider TheIkranRider 7 July

Goodbye, Chris Stuckmann

After hearing he has achieved his dream as a director, I doubt he'd be active on YouTube. After all, he revealed that he can be leaving since he said he hasn't been happy over the last few years reviewing other people's movies. After a decade, I'm certain his time on YouTube is over, and he may never return...

Since the last several years, Chris has been my replacement for Bionic Slime, who has been inactive over the same amount of time; reviewing anime, movies, occasionally a show here and there. I'm happy for him, really, since he's been a YouTuber who has accomplished a milestone beyond YouTube, and he shall work on his independent film, Shelby Oaks shortly; doesn't sound interesting as it's like a Blair Witch ripoff.

Still...I unfollowed…

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Boomer77wastaken Boomer77wastaken 6 July


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Why is Offline TV even a thing



I have always been fascinated by the gaming community and its tendency to easily become intertwined in all sorts of scams and scandals, or some big charity project they conduct.

These YouTubers are what I like to call "Dork YouTubers", which includes people like PewDiePie, Jaiden Animations, TommyInnit, The Game get the idea.

But there is one group in particular that is so interesting in so many ways, that it has sparked my 13-year old mind: Offline TV.

And not in a good way.

have viewed their videos for a good long time, and frankly, I left feeling disgusted.

Top 3 Facts on why I hate Offline TV:

Cringe. In my opinion, Offline TV is the cringiest show on Earth. You …

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Help me!



I need help. Right now.

I have created an article called "Simone Giertz". It is my most recent work. However, it is lacking in features. A lot.

I would feel it necessary to ask you all and do me a favor: help me edit the goddamned thing.

It is not easy to make articles, as 1 article take 1-2 weeks to complete.

Therefore, your help would be greatly appreciated.


Tootsie Rolls Addict

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PlusyTheSymbol PlusyTheSymbol 30 June

Hector is back

Hes back and hes annoying deal with him

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Cluckster Cluckster 30 June

Vote in the July Hall of Fame poll Here!

Alright, the Wikitubia Hall of Fame polls are back so make sure to vote in this one! Since we usually put the 2nd place YouTuber from the previous poll in the next poll, Valkyrae will be returning in this poll.

To suggest a YouTuber to be in the next poll, the requirements must be that they have over 1 million subscribers and that they aren't a company, major celebrity/music channel, or a kid/toy channel. They also can't be any YouTuber in this poll or any of our already Hall of Fame members. You can suggest YouTubers in the comment section of this post.

Make sure to vote and happy editing!

Here is a list of the suggested YouTubers for next month:

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DB4 music maker DB4 music maker 22 June

Havin fun

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Glogman Glogman 20 June

this is for a badge

this is for a badge

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