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Bl00dBlitz is an American YouTube celebrity well-known for his impossible Guitar Hero 3 videos, his "Definition of Random" videos, his "Rob's Rants" school videos and his Rants. He has over 150,000 subscribers and friends. After a couple of years Evan joined Rob's channel starting off as an infrequent guest to becoming a regular face. Rob and Evan recently created a sister channel to the Bl00dBlitz called ComedyLifestyle. This new channel is snippets of Rob and Evan's life, what they do for fun, what they act like when they are usually off camera. Bl00dblitz recently became a contestant on the web show, Internet Icon filming for that will start in late March. He also has a Myspace, but he stopped using it as of June 2009. He now has a Facebook "Bl00dBlitz Official" which he posts on frequently. Bl00dBlitz also has a channel called Robs Rants, where he rants about everything that he finds wrong.

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