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―BlueGirlAwesome's tagline

BlueGirlAwesome (born September 11, 2000 (2000-09-11) [age 19]), also known as BlueGirl for short, is a Filipino YouTuber who creates animation, art, parody videos, music videos, speedpaints and reactions about Minecraft: Story Mode.


BlueGirlAwesome created her channel on November 10, 2014. However, she didn't upload any videos until late March 2015. Her first video was Cosmo and NiGHTS tribute - In my veins.

She started doing animation on April, 2015. Her first animation was (MMD) Minecraft YouTubers - Panda Hero (Models download), which is her second video.

She made her very first fanmade animation series called 'Minecraft: Storytale', the story of an Undertale AU with the Minecraft Story Mode characters playing the characters of Undertale. This fanmade series was released on March 8, 2017​ when she started to do the collaboration with TheNinjaKid14, the author/director. However, it was cancelled because most of her fans were not interested on it.

She made her second fanmade animation series called 'Minecraft: Story Mode FINAL SEASON - The Return of Soren', the story takes place from the previous original seasons. It was announced on July 3, 2018 when the first trailer was released. The fanmade series was officially released on August 18, 2018.


BlueGirl's house

BlueGirl's house.

BlueGirlAwesome's Minecraft skin has light blue hair with two pigtails, a black headphone on her head with a purple flower on her left, dark blue eyes and light-colored skin. She wears a dark blue shirt with short sleeves and two yellow buttons. She wears white skirts and a pair of yellow shoes with white socks in it.

She also has a pet in Minecraft named Snow White.[1]

She started to build her house in 2016.


  • Her favorite color is sky blue.
  • Her favorite ship is MagnuGaard (Magnus X Ellegaard) from Minecraft: Story Mode.
    • She also made her reaction to it.[2]
  • Her favorite character is Ellegaard from Minecraft: Story Mode.
  • She loves listening to KPOP, Vocaloid, and Japanese songs while doing her process.


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