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Blue Blob, also known as Jiravich, is a Canadian Roblox parody YouTuber. He uploads his Roblox parodies to his YouTube channel.

He has risen in popularity after uploading We Love Roblox, which is currently at 1M+ views.

There are numerous videos that were taken down by Blue Blob himself because they weren't getting that much views. You can find those videos on his second channel, Cyan Blob. An example of a video taken down due to another reason rather than views is Bohemian Refugee, which got took down because jiravich thought that it 'could be offensive to people'.


  • Despite joining YouTube in 2017 his first video was uploaded in 2018, which is 2 seconds long.
  • His first Roblox parody was "They're Healthy" & "Vitamins" - School Project".
  • A common misconsception is that most people believe Blue Blob's most popular video is "I'm Canadian" but that is false, his most viewed video is "WE LOVE ROBLOX" with nearly a million views (1M+ Views).
  • There are only two parodies as of March 31, 2020 with a million views: We Love Roblox and the Roxanne Parody.
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