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David "Dave", better known online as Blue Van Man, is an English YouTuber from Leicestershire, England. He mainly uploads videos where he does in depth reviews of different food and drink items. In the past, these have included McDonalds, Five Guys and KFC menu items, reviews of local chip shops and butchers, different alcoholic beverages, crisps, supermarket-brand items and exotic chocolate bars. He also uploads videos about football, and his team Leicester City, as well as PO Box openings.


Blue Van Man's real name is Dave, but his surname has never been revealed. He currently resides in Leicestershire, England, hence the Leicestershire-based chip shops and butchers he does reviews on. He is a supporter of his local team, Leicester City FC, and can sometimes be seen wearing a Leicester shirt in videos. His wife, June, and his daughter, known as Ginge in videos, can be heard in the background of some of his videos, as well as his dog, Doodle.

True Geordie

In March 2019, Blue Van Man uploaded a video titled True Geordie mention, where he explains that well-known YouTuber True Geordie had mentioned him in one of his videos, where Geordie and Lawrence McKenna can be seen enjoying and reacting to some of BVM's review videos. On 8 August 2019, Blue Van Man posted a video titled I'M GOING ON THE KICK OFF WITH TRUE GEORDIE. In this video, he explains that Geordie had invited him onto his weekly football show "The Kick Off". 4 days later, BVM appeared on the show, which can be seen in a video on True Geordie's "The Kick Off" channel in a video titled True Geordie meets Blue Van Man. After the show, Blue Van Man stated that "he would love to come on again".

DGSChapter Interview

In July 2019, Blue Van Man was invited to an interview with the Editor-in-chief of DGSChapter, Ricky Taing, to talk about his recent stardom on YouTube. You can view their interview here.

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