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Stephen Woolley, better known online as bluntboomer, is a Canadian YouTuber and Streamer. Bluntboomer makes ROBLOX content and makes music as well. Bluntboomer advertises his channel as "family-friendly" but in some live streams, there is Non-PG content. In private messages on Discord, bluntboomer says that he is unmotivated to record or stream and feels like talking to his fans on his Discord server is much easier than recording and streaming, making his status inactive on YouTube.


When "!osu" is typed in Bluntboomer's chat, the "Bluntboomer Bot", a bot that Bluntboomer made himself will answer "How do you say it, Starlust?" and then the very active viewer, Starlust, will reply "OSU!" with bold and capital letters. This meme is in almost every single stream. Currently, the bluntboomer bot has been down for unknown reasons.


Bluntboomer makes Lo-Fi music, a relaxing type of music, and has uploaded 4 songs in the lifetime of making music.

Currently, there are 2 songs available on his YouTube and 2 songs available on Amazon Music  right now:

Perfectly Cut Screams

Bluntboomer peaked when he uploaded a series named "Perfectly Cut Screams". In this series, he got videos from the subreddit, r/perfectlycutscreams , and edited them together to make a compilation of these funny videos. Bluntboomer caught onto the recommended section in a snap. One of his videos got over 200K views in 1 week which made his channel get over 200+ subs.  He later explains on Discord that he unlisted the series because of false copyright strikes.



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