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Boffy Sucks is an Australian YouTuber who makes videos calling out Boffy - a Minecraft YouTuber who has had very rapid growth in his channel - for supposed subscriber-botting and view-botting. Boffy Sucks feels as if this is not possible and has made 12 videos presenting arguments against him. He also has attempted to expose other YouTubers, such as Dream and even, PewDiePie in one video dedicated to showing they subbot.


He is often looked down on by Boffy's fans, who view his evidence as inconclusive, mostly due to lack of solid evidence and use of logical fallacies in his proof which are continuously pointed out by Boffy Sucks' viewers. He claims he is working to get more, but so far, he has become a target for boffy's viewers to ridicule for his alledgedly non-sensical proof.

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