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Alec Bostwick, better known online as BostWiki, is an American journalist who analyzes the media and reports on various topics. Most of the videos are liberal bias, and there are videos which range in length from 5-15 minutes long. Some of the videos talk about the day of the life of a journalist such as mistakes. There is an answer and question section, and there are explanations for journalist-interviewer relations such as lying to a journalist and filming you without permission. There is a commentary video on Paul Joseph Watson and the relations of Vox and Steven Crowder. Some of the videos are recorded in a vlog and in his New York City studio. His influences are listed on the about page which include Hank Green (from SciShow) and John Green, Woody Allen, CaseyNeistat, Ira Glass, Paul Graham, Kris Gage, Joan Didion, and Ernest Hemingway.

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