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Brady Ryan Christopher Dean (Born: October 27, 1997 (1997-10-27) [age 22]) is a Canadian YouTuber, Filmmaker and Musician. Brady Creates vlogs/challenges, inspiration, music and more.

Personal Life

Brady was Born born raised in Sudbury, Ontario Canada, he was Born at ST Joseph Hospital at 1 Pound 13 Ounces, 27 Weeks Early. [1]

School life was a struggle as he was bulled from grades 1-5. Later on he attended a private school for grades 6-7, came high school. Brady developed a interest in YouTube and film. In grade 9 Brady started learning film from a media class, Brady then later Graduated high school on June 2016, at Sudbury Secondary School, He then later went to college for TV/Broadcasting, Brady then later dropped out a year and a half later in 2017.


Brady created his YouTube channel on September 6, 2013 under the name wartek. He started uploading gaming videos. He then later changed it to Brady_nV when he was apart of nV Sniping back in 2014, he then later got recruited to SoaR Sniping for 6 months, then later left the gaming scene to focus on school (2015) now he uploads vlogs with his friends and makes challenges, also makes inspirational videos talking about his past and to be positive and not to judge people.


  • "In life we make mistakes but what really makes us great is what we take and learn from those mistakes. The best we can be is yourself learn grow and prosper"
  • "Life has it ups and downs but we grow stronger from every experience we have."


  • Brady's hobbies are playing soccer, and making music (piano).



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