Brandon Turner is an Animator
Brandon Turner is from England
Brandon Turner is male
Brandon Turner created their account in 2013
Brandon Turner is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Brandon Turner (born: November 12, 1997 (1997-11-12) [age 23]), also known as Wazzaldrop, is an English animator and artist. He is best known for his GameGrumps and OneyPlays animations.


Brandon first posted his first video on March 11, 2014. This was a "Game Grumps Animated" titled: "Game Grumps Animated: Jon vs Ikea." During this time, the mouths of the characters were not animated. He continued to post exclusively Game Grumps animates until January 2, 2017, when he first posted an OneyPlays animated, titled: "Oney Plays Animated: Games Thyroid."

Brandon Turner to this day still remains one of the most iconic OneyPlays and GameGrumps animators, having his animations show up at the topmost result when searching for OneyPlays or GameGrumps animations. His designs for some of the original characters created by the hosts of these shows, such as "Bagingi," are the most iconic and well-known designs of any other animated.


  • On all other media platforms other than YouTube, he is known as "Wazzaldrop."
  • His profile picture on all other platforms is a pink-skinned female with blue hair.