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Bratayley or the The LeBlanc family is an American-based YouTube channel ran by Annie LeBlanc, Hayley LeBlanc, Katie LeBlanc, Billy LeBlanc (formerly), and Caleb LeBlanc † (died in October 2015).



Annie LeBlanc (born: December 5, 2004 (2004-12-05) [age 15]) is the second child and the eldest sibling in the family since Caleb's death. Originally a gymnast, she soon rose to fame not only in Bratayley but also in the art of singing, first partnering with fellow YouTuber Hayden Summerall in their cover of "Little Do You Know", and "Fly", her first solo cover. She would soon release her own hair gel with Rock Your Hair. She also worked on projects with different brands including Brat and Nickelodeon. She has been dating Asher Angel officially since early 2019 after the two made music together, although it was long speculated that they were dating prior to that. 


Hayley LeBlanc (born: September 2, 2008 (2008-09-02) [age 11]) is the youngest child in the family. Originally, Bratayley would be her personal channel but ended up being a family channel. Like her sister, she was also a gymnast. She also worked on projects with different brands including Brat and Nickelodeon. The name Bratayley is a play on her name, combining the word "brat" with her name. Some fans criticize the Bratayley channel for focusing too much on Annie's career, and ignoring Hayley's potential. The most popular video on the channel is a video of Hayley, as a toddler, very upset about getting muddy from stepping in the puddle at a park. She cried and said she'd never go back. In the comments, fans still talk about that video, calling it a funny moment. That video was one of Bratayley's first videos to get a large amount of views, and they began steadily growing after it.

Katie and Billy

They are the parents to the Bratayley children. Billy has his own channel named Dadtayley where he posted workout videos and vlogs. In September 2019, Katie announced on her Instagram that she and Billy separated. Billy's channel's name was changed to JustBillyLeBlanc after him and Katie seperated. He is the only one out of the family who is still vlogging. Katie was the first person in the family to have the idea of vlogging. At first, the vlogs were meant for Billy to view while he was away from home in the military, but soon, Katie realized that it wasn't just him watching. Many people enjoyed watching the family document and enjoy their life. 


Caleb Logan LeBlanc † (July 13, 2002 - October 1, 2015 [aged 13]) was the oldest sibling and the only male child in the family. His dream was to be a baseball player. He was known to the family as Baked Potato. He used to have a YouTube channel named blazenoutlaws where he uploaded Minecraft videos, but it is now known as "The Arrow Faction", a collaboration channel. Shortly before he passed away, he created the Arrow Army, and was seeking to recruit fans to play minecraft with him. Unfortunately, he passed away before he recruited anyone. Many fans speculated that him and Sydnastical, a family friend and youtuber, were dating when he died. In a "I have never" video, Sydnastical alluded to the fact that she and Caleb had a crush on eachother, and she alluded to the fact that they dated  in a cover for a song she made, along with several instagram posts. Caleb owned a Minecraft server and frequently uploaded videos on it. He also played skywars and survival games on several Minecraft servers. He was often recognized by fans in the games, and would respond to fans messaging him while he was playing. He passed away on October 1, 2015, due to a heart disease known as Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. His death received a lot of attention from the media which is one of the reasons why the Bratayley channel is popular today.


The first video released on the channel was the teaser trailer (with the original intention of being Hayley's personal channel), uploaded on December 31, 2010. The first vlog was released a day later. From there, it slowly grew to a successful family channel where they share some of their memorable moments through their videos.

Bratayley also became a source for the siblings' popularity, as they were soon given numerous projects by different companies, including digital media network Brat TV and television network Nickelodeon.

From its inception, videos were mostly uploaded daily. In 2018, at the height of popularity of the siblings, the channel switched to a weekly upload schedule to decrease their workloads. In late 2019, they announced that they are having a break from uploading videos on the channel. They said that whether they come back or not isn't a guarantee, and that they will come back if they ever wish. Currently, only Billy's channel is active with vlogs.

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