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Rob J. Madin, better known online as Brett Domino, is an English 33 year old comedian and music producer from Sheffield, England. Known for his trademark 'nerdy' style and dry humour, he has been making original music, parodies and covers for over 12 years on YouTube, amassing almost 200,000 subscribers and 28 million views.

He has appeared on TV Shows such as 8 out of 10 cats, Britain's Got Talent and the BBC Sport Relief broadcast, and performs music and comedy live around the country, in London, Leeds etc.

Most of his videos include his friend and percussionist, Steven Peavis. The two of them make up the ironically titled 'Brett Domino Trio'. He is a talented musician, and is a confident keytar, keyboard, guitar and bass player as well as singer.  Brett's most popular videos are his 'How To Make A Hit Pop Song' series, which have amassed over 1 million views each. Brett has a second channel under his real name, Rob J Madin, where he posts more music. It is much lesser known about and has around 6,000 subscribers

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