Brett the Hitman focuses on Anime
Brett the Hitman is a Reviewer
Brett the Hitman is from the United States
Brett the Hitman is male
Brett the Hitman created their account in 2008
Brett the Hitman is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Brett the Hitman, formerly known as B the Trivial Critic (or simply Brett), was an American anime reviewer on YouTube, known for being a member of the 'defunked Otaku' Project with BionicSlime, TheLavaBuster, as well as a few others. Back in 2013 Brett quit reviewing because he wanted to foucos on his college life; he's going to college for Marketing Management. He quit reviewing for awhile to pursue college, but then came back to start reviewing again, although just occasionally. He does do frequent livestreams on his channel now, however.

Otaku Project

The Otaku Project was a defunked group of anime and manga reviewers, each member having their own style of reviewing what they reviewed. Brett was once a member of this group, but the group was disbanded back in 2013.


Due to having deleted all of his videos for some reason, it is unknown exactly how many videos that he once had. The only ones that can be listed are his current reviews after making a comeback.


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