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It's time for Brewer Breakfast!

―Brewer Breakfast

Brewer Breakfast is a morning talk show hosted by Caillou Pettis and Nicholas Favel broadcasted on YouTube. The show focuses on various games and challenges including "Best TV Show Theme Songs Game", and more. Brewer Breakfast is "100% inspired" by Rhett and Link's daily morning talk show "Good Mythical Morning".


With a short video count of 14 videos, Caillou & Nick say they will continue to make more funny internet videos and games for the show. The show also relies on fans to submit video ideas on their Twitter account.

Season One

Season One of Brewer Breakfast began on June 28, 2014, Caillou Pettis and Nicholas Favel uploaded the first episode of Brewer Breakfast called "Verified or Not? (Facebook Trivia Game). With the show's first season fast approaching it's two year anniversary, Caillou & Nick are still on season one. This is because the show's creators have been busy. Caillou & Nick have said that the show's first season will not be over until it contains at least 100 episodes.

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