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Bridger5 (stylized as bridger5), is an American-Indonesian YouTuber that is primarily involved in creating comedic Pixel Gun 3D videos.


bridger5 creates Pixel Gun 3D videos that are also considered as memes. He makes videos and community posts of Pixel Gun 3D memes that are local to the Pixel Gun 3D community, including being rusty in the game, the duel game mode and more.


bridger5 launched his YouTube channel on June 5, 2019, and uploaded his first video, "Cyberbullying Nerds with Dual Anger in Pixel Gun 3D", on the same day. Moreover, he slowly got recognition over time and was known for his comedic value.

Later, on March 4, 2020, the developers of Pixel Gun 3D promote this YouTuber. Any Pixel Gun 3D content creator that gets promoted by the developers would have a drastic increase in subscriber count and for bridger5's case, his subscriber count turned from 25K to 125K in just 2-3 days. Although, despite the increase in subscribers, some players have subscribed just for the rewards in the game for subscribing to a Pixel Gun 3D YouTuber.


  • His clan in Pixel Gun 3D is called "dwBeHepi" which means "don't worry, be hepi". Hepi, a play of words of "happy", is a meme emoticon invented by a user called "JustLeafy" that is mostly exclusive to the Pixel Gun 3D community, involving a combination of being happy, crying and smirking.
  • Some people claim to have as much as skill as another Pixel Gun 3D YouTuber, Esoteric Inc, if not more skill in the game than him.
  • His profile picture represents a draft of the Pixel Gun protagonist that is tired.
  • He wanted to reveal his voice once he hit 10,000 subscribers. However, due to his inactivity, he did so at 20,000 subscribers. He revealed it in this video.
  • He adopts many sayings from Minecraft Youtuber Technoblade, like "Cyberbullying Casuals" and even uses audio of Technoblade saying "Die".
  • He uses a playstyle called "3 Catagory Spam" which is a technique in Pixel Gun 3D where a player switches from weapon to weapon very quickly. People that use 3 Cat Spam are usually associated with being very skilled. 
    Playing a block shooter game while producing sound waves from my throat-1

    Playing a block shooter game while producing sound waves from my throat-1

    A video of Bridger5 3 category spamming (starts at 0:25).

  • In his video "playing a block shooter game while producing sound waves from my throat", he said he edited his first video with the editing program by Apple named iMovie. He then moved on to Adobe Premire Pro, but due to it being too confusing (in the video, he says; "I didn't have enough brain cells to understand how to use it". He finally moved to editing with Sony Vegas, which as of June 2020 is what he uses to edit videos. 
  • His most liked video is titled; "when u play Pixel Gun 3D but ur too rusty"  with over 21 thousand likes.

Subscriber Milestones

  • March 6, 2020: 100K subscribers
  • March 19, 2020: 250k subscribers]
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