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Brock L. Baker (born March 7, 1986 (1986-03-07) [age 33]), formerly known online as McGoiter, is an American YouTuber, actor, voice actor, writer and comedian.


On Brock's channel, he mainly does impressions of famous people and cartoon characters. One of his most popular series he does is called Celebrity Hate Mail, where Brock reads hate comments on his videos in the voices of famous celebrities and cartoon characters. Due to the large amount of voice impersonation that he can do, he refers to himself as, "The Man Of A Kajillion Voices". During his time on YouTube, he has appeared on a lot of other YouTube channels, including famous Asdf Movies (4 & 6), and has contributed to the YouTube channel, How It Should Have Ended. Brock also has two other channels. His second channel is McGoiter2, where he does vlogs, outtakes and behind the scenes. The third channel is BrocksDubs, where Brock dubs over popular YouTube videos. On that channel, Brock provides all the voices that are used in each dub (unless otherwise stated). McGoiter has frequently collaborated with popular YouTuber jacksfilms.

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