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Brock Baker has more than One Million Subscribers
Brock Baker creates comedy videos
Brock Baker is from the United States
Brock Baker is male
Brock Baker created their account in 2006
Brock Baker is a Content Creator on YouTube
Brock Baker has a verified account on Wikitubia

Brock Baker (born: March 7, 1986 (1986-03-07) [age 36]), formerly known as McGoiter, is an American YouTuber, actor, voice actor, impressionist, writer and comedian. He is popular on the platform TikTok for his Goofy Wants His Money saga. He also streams regularly on Twitch where he plays games.

He has lent his voice to hundreds of cartoons on YouTube. He is also the voice of Brody Foxx and a majority of the other characters on the channel Yo Mama.


On Brock's channel, he mainly does impressions of famous people and cartoon characters. One of his most popular series he does is called Celebrity Hate Mail, where Brock reads hate comments on his videos in the voices of famous celebrities and cartoon characters. Due to the large amount of voice impersonation that he can do, he refers to himself as, "The Man Of A Kajillion Voices". During his time on YouTube, he has appeared on a lot of other YouTube channels, including famous Asdf Movies (4 & 6), and has contributed to the YouTube channel, How It Should Have Ended. He's been the voice of Eduardo in Eddsworld since 2014. and he also voices Uno in MeatCanyon's Monster Lab. Brock also has two other channels. His second channel is BrockBaker2, where he posts memes, TikTok videos, outtakes and behind the scenes. The third channel is BrocksDubs, where Brock dubs over popular YouTube videos. On that channel, Brock provides all the voices that are used in each dub (unless otherwise stated). Brock has frequently collaborated with popular YouTuber jacksfilms.


Brock went to college to study animation, and did not like it until he took a film class. He has always been good at impressions and voices, and this was the perfect opportunity to combine the two especially with, new at the time, YouTube.

In 2006, he made his YouTube account called "McGoiter" at the time, and one of his first ever uploads was "The Man of 101 Voices" which was his first viral hit. He's been posting on his YouTube channel ever since, though it has taken kind of a backseat to his voice over career. He has had viral success with videos like "Bane Plays Slender," "All Star but it's 24 Cartoon Impressions," "Goofy Wants his Money," and "Rebecca Black "Friday" (Brock's Dub)" which currently has over 45 million views. Brock has appeared in hundreds of web-based animated shorts and videos, and made it into some major works like South Park and Final Fantasy 7 Remake.