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Brody Boutcher (born: March 27, 2005 (2005-03-27) [age 15]), better known online as BrodyAnimates, is a Canadian YouTuber, animator, comedian, and voice actor.


BrodyAnimates makes videos about childhood experiences and his general thoughts through animated shorts. He has a twin brother who is older than him.


Brody Animate started his Youtube channel in November of 2013, when he was eight years old. He orginally made Mario Plush videos, but later switched to Minecraft videos. Some time after that, Brody decided to take his channel in an entirly new direction, uploading a debut animated video in January 2018 called, "The Quest For the Cookie (School Project)." This video would be the start of his animation YouTube channel, which he is famous for. Brody continued to post animated content, seeing great success very early on, quickly reaching 300 subscribers, then 400 less than a month later. On May 31st, 2018, Brody uploaded a video titled "Being An Identical Twin (ft. TheAMaazing)". This video did extremely well, bringing in over a million views. Around the same time, Brody attended VidCon US 2018. The publicity from VidCon combined with the massive success of his video with TheAMaazing caused Brody's channel to grow at an almost unprecedented for a young animator on YouTube. Throughout the summer, Brody's channel continued to grow in subscribers, causing him to surpass 100,000 subscribers less than a year after starting animation, in February of 2019. His subscriber count doubled in less than 6 months, when he reached 200,000 subscribers that same year in June. To this day, BrodyAnimates is one of the most well known young animators within the community. 


Aidini Tortellini is a featured voice actor in his video "My Random Thoughts (Brody Edition)." He was also In Purpled's First Episode of Purpcast where he was interviewed about being an animation YouTuber.


  • He uses Adobe Animate for his animation process.
  • Brody has a twin brother named Brock, and an older sister named Jade.
  • Brody attended both VidCon US 2018 and 2019, both of which he vlogged.
  • He once used his parents money and used it on characters, Money and smurfberries. He spent over $800 and got punished really bad.

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