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Brooke Houts is an American YouTuber who is known for her vlogs, lifestyle, story-time and fitness. Her rise to fame ultimately started in October 2016, gaining a couple thousand subscribers in one day, and started escalating for several months beyond. From November 2017 to September 2018, her channel was not on the slightest growth, but then started re-gaining minor exposure again.

After a controvertial video showed Brooke abusing her dog, she recieved major backlash and eventually deleted all of her videos. She has since started a new vlog channel with her boyfriend Teale, where they continue to produce content to this day.[1]


Brooke started off as a Story-time YouTuber, sharing her unique experiences throughout her life.[2] In early-2016, she started doing several prank videos and make-up videos.[3] In 2017, Brooke had started doing more of in real life video vlogs, but did continue her story-time series.[4] She had also been doing fitness and viral challenges to assist on getting channel growth.

Personal Life

Brooke used to reside in Los Angeles, California. On December 2018, she adopted a pet doberman, Sphinx. She created an alternate account for her dog named @sphinxthedobe.[5] Brook has moved to Idaho in early 2020 to live with her boyfriend Teale and produce videos for their vlog channel.


Animal Abuse

On August 6, 2019, Brooke had accidentally uploaded a video pranking her pet Doberman named Sphinx. In addition to the prank, Sphinx (the doberman) has always been jumping around her to be playful. However, Brooke reached it to a different level, by choke holding, spitting and hitting, kicking and shoving her doberman pet.[6] The video was later taken down from Brooke's channel, but social media was able to download it before being taken down. Brooke did upload it again, but was edited to make it seem like a normal video on her channel.[7] She proceeded to take it down as well with a lot of re-uploads still in play.


Brooke did make a statement on Twitter claiming that she did overthink, had been less exceptionable, and overall claims she is not an animal abuser.[8] Brooke also claims that she did not spit on her dog (despite the video clearly showing it), and should not have shouted at her pet like she did in the footage.

Over 100,000 Twitter users responded to her Tweet claiming that she shouldn't own a 70 lb Doberman if she does not know how to. There were also other constructive replied such as "other pet-owners never attempted physical conflicts with their pet", should have her Doberman taken away, and should be terminated off of YouTube.

The growth of the Controversy

The controversy did not get as big until the next day (August 7), losing over 4,000 subscribers on YouTube and losing 2,000 the next day. Brooke had been trending on Twitter inside the United States.[9] A Mass amount of calls have been given to the Animal Cruelty Task Force andwas investigating what had happened during the film.[10] The police decided not to charge her for animal abuse,[11] but her YouTube channel and career has ultimately come to end, gaining over 100,000 dislikes on her latest video in 24 hours, and had also gained a mass amount of dislikes in her other latest videos. Her Instagram account was deleted because of this on August 7, as the growth of the controversy was rising.


  • Brooke has had experience as an actor, she was in a television series Interracial for the episode “F**kboy”.[12]


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