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Brooks Lee Holt (born: July 31, 1993 (1993-07-31) [age 26]), also known as Drummer27565, is an American drummer best known for his drum-covers on the pop and rock genres.


He is from Roxboro, North Carolina and has attended Roxboro Community School. He has been playing drums for the past 8 years, but has been playing seriously since 6 years ago. He used to play for his band, Flowwire (it is unknown if he is still playing with them) and was the drummer for Grammy-nominated singer Jamie Grace. According to this video, he possibly won't be making any covers since he will be touring with them. He will post videos of live performances, however. He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

On April 16, 2014, he announced that he is now an official D'Addario and Co. artist. As of May 2014, he no longer tours with Jamie Grace due to unknown reasons. Currently, he is the fill-in drummer for the Nashville-based rock band, We As Human.



Battlefield Drums (Custom) (Diameter X Depth) : 

  • 14"X 8" Snare
  • 12"X 9"Rack Tom 
  • 16"x 14" Floor Tom
  • 18"X 14" Floor Tom
  • 20"X 20" Bass Drum 

Cymbals: The only ones that he is known to be using in 2013 are a pair of 13" Sabian AAX Studio Hi-Hats and a Zildjian 20" A Custom China.

For 2014, he uses an all Zildjian set-up: 14" A Mastersound Hi hats (Brilliant), 10" A Splash, 19" A Medium thin Crash, 20" A Medium Thin Crash and a 23" A Sweet Ride


Snare heads (all are 14" in diameter)

  • Black Hydraulic
  • HD Dry
  • Genera Dry
  • Heavyweight

Tom Heads

  • Black Chrome
  • Clear G2

Bass heads

  • EMAD
  • EMAD Heavyweight

Snare wires (Puresound Percussion)

  • Super 30
  • Custom Pro 20 Strand (Steel)

Drumsticks (Pro-Mark)

Hickory 720 "Intruder" Wood Tip.


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