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Bruno Albouze is a California-based French private chef and YouTuber.


Bruno Albouze was born in Germany and grew up in France. His father served in the French military, and his family would often move as a result. Eventually, his family settled in Bordeaux, France. The fifth of seven children, Albouze attributes his love of cooking to his parents and grandmother.

Albouze entered culinary school at fourteen, at which time he began working in restaurants. After spending some time in the savory field, Albouze chose to enter the baking field, finding himself enticed by the meticulousness and precision of the field. Graduating at seventeen, Albouze spent time in the French military before returning to Bordeaux as a patisserie. He moved to Paris at 29 to further his career, serving under Michelin-starred chef Alain Ducasse.

Albouze moved to the United States in 2004 to pursue a pastry chef job in Las Vegas. This position did not work out, and Albouze spent the next few months working in San Francisco before moving to San Diego, eventually becoming a private chef and executive pastry chef.


Albouze's videos consist of step-by-step videos on how to prepare different dishes, both savory and sweet. Full recipes for the dishes are provided on Albouze's website.

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