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Ian Macleod (born June 22, 1991 (1991-06-22) [age 29]), better known online as brutalmoose, is an American YouTuber who used to especially review old PC games, though now focuses on doing a broader range of topical videos, including but not limited to: VHS movie reviews, satirical food/cooking videos, and vlogs. He started making videos monthly in early 2012 as a New Year's Resolution. He's good friends with PeanutButterGamer, Caddicarus, Chadtronic and Space Hamster.



Starting in March 2016 in this series Ian covers old television programs or educational VHS films. There are currently only six episodes of the show.

Lightning Round

In a similar style to ProJared's One Minute Reviews, in this show Ian will try to explain various games in less than two minutes.

Top 5

Ian ranks video games in this show. Some of these episodes include "Top 5 Minigames", "Top 5 Edutainment Games" and "Top 5 Time Consuming Games".

Ian and Friend

In this show Ian talks with other popular YouTubers about various topics via Skype. There are currently only three episodes of the show. He has talked with PeanutButterGamer, Yungtown and Greg Wilmot.


Ian's cooking show. These videos can be of Ian eating a ready meal, or cooking something. Ian had only created the first episode because he didn't have time to make a video on Video Games. This show has quickly become one of his most popular.


  • Brutalmoose was originally a name Ian came up with for PSN.
  • His favorite band is Queen.
  • His favorite game is Riven.
  • While not an avid anime watcher, he has stated his favorite anime is .hack//SIGN
  • He has a BA in Radio, Television, and Film.
  • He has a matching tattoo of an ampersand with his sister, who Ian is very close with.
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