Bulgarian History Association makes Educational Videos
Bulgarian History Association makes Film-Related Videos
Bulgarian History Association is from Bulgaria
Bulgarian History Association is male
Bulgarian History Association is female
Bulgarian History Association created their account in 2012
Bulgarian History Association is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Bulgarian History Association is a non-governmental organization dealing with short animation-documentary films, re-publishing of old historical literature, website maintenance and online shop. The purpose of the organization is to preserve and advertise Bulgarian history in and out of Bulgaria.
The association has numerous awards to popularize historical science and promote it among young people at school.

The core of the team is composed of 8 people, and the full capacity of authors, designers and editors reaches up to 30 people.

The association is known for its participation in several TV projects, the best known of which is the Bulgarian version of the "Farm". In it a member of the team produces an interactive history lesson with a short animated movie and a quiz.

The Facebook page of the association is the largest virtual historical community in Bulgaria and accommodates more than 350,000 members.


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