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The Bunch of Pseudo Intellectuals, B.O.P for short, are a commentary group formed by admins Rion Rhino Mills and MasterTP10. They are known for making massive collaborations with an army of commentators at their disposal on videos considered very bad.


B.O.P's videos are never done solely by one person, and each member does their part for the commentary. They discuss upcoming commentaries via Skype calls (who's gonna be in it, who the video is on, etc.). Various members edit the commentaries, though Rion is a primary editor.


The following users are members of B.O.P:

  • Rion "Rhino" Mills
  • MasterTP10
  • The Masked Starmaker
  • HalfBoiledHero
  • dirtbikeredden
  • nesmario123
  • AzumangaDiohFan101
  • Derterifii
  • MacboyReducx
  • Agan Naga
  • Larry Mycinoge
  • Davidwash3r3
  • Akriloth2150
  • youngbloodfantasy91
  • RickyRay102
  • SkiHound
  • TOGProfessor
  • galeforce3192
  • Ponder Sprocket
  • MrSirRaven
  • Scarlet Otaku
  • realm warssll
  • TheNationofJohnnyK
  • Blaze
  • GWS
  • TheFieryHenry
  • DigitalTy
  • Silver
  • Doodletones
  • Chris Taylor VA
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