BunnyBloYT plays video games
BunnyBloYT is a Musician
BunnyBloYT is from Sweden
BunnyBloYT created their account in 2012
BunnyBloYT is a Content Creator on YouTube
BunnyBloYT has a verified account on Wikitubia

Bunny Blomerus (born: January 29, 2007 (2007-01-29) [age 14]), better known online as BunnyBloYT(formerly Bunny Blomerus Gaming and More), is an Swedish YouTuber, gamer and founder of the swedish book publishing house Bunny Books[1]. They were born in and currently lives in Örebro. They are currently mostly making Watch Dogs: Legion videos and streams. They started out with YouTube at the age of 6[2].


They did start their career with playing Roblox. And when they did play Roblox, they did often play the game Jailbreak. In Jailbreak they did have the Ufo, McLaren, Ferrari, Tesla, R8 and many more vehicles.

As of Watch Dogs: Legion came out 28 October 2020. Bunny started streaming it everyday until the end of January 2021. At the end of January 2021 Bunny did take an break until the start of April.

Old Series

40 Subs Contest

At the start of 2018 Bunny did reach 40 subscribers which they celebrated by doing a series of videos during an week which the viewers could then vote for. The series totally had 6 episodes.

Bunny promised doing more of the content most people voted for.


A Minecraft series where they built their dream house in Minecraft.

The series is started 29 April 2019 and totally had 4 episodes[3].

Watch Dogs: Legion - Live Let's Play in Swedish

When Watch Dogs: Legion came out, 28th October 2020, Bunny did start an live lets-play series. Where they would complete the game at the shortest time possible. The series totally got 26 episodes. Even though they had completed the game and defeated all the villians of london as of episode 18.[4]

Subscriber milestones

50 subscribers, about June 2018[2]

100 subscribers, about August 2018[2]

200 subscribers, 27th July 2019[2]

250 subscribers, 1th August 2019[2]

300 subscribers, 6th August 2019[2]

400 subscribers, 15th August 2019[2]

500 subscribers, 7th September 2019[2]

600 subscribers, 20th September 2019[2]

700 subscribers, 7th October 2019[2]

800 subscribers; 23th October 2019[2]

900 subscribers, about 25th October 2019[2]

1000 subscribers, 30th October 2019[2]


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