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Annand Virk, better known online as Bunty King, is a comedic YouTuber who often discusses social and political matters and makes commentary videos.

YouTube Career


Bunty King is best known for his friendly demeanor, contagious laugh, and weekly live streams in which he sits down to have conversations with members of the political left and right. Bunty King is known for lacking a clear political philosphy or identifying himself by one ideaological group or another, though he has been described as right-wing by many on the left. He considers himself a centrist. He is friends with Leon Lush and Ricky Berwick.


Bunty King arrived on YouTube in 2015 as an infrequent video publisher of vlogs. His presence on the platform picked up noticeably in 2016 and then into 2017 with shows like Bunty Bits and gaming streams.

Decline After Controversy

Bunty began to gain a new wave of scrutiny when one of his older videos resurfaced in 2019. Originally titled "I'm a cuck" Bunty has since deleted the controversial video due to back lash. A mirror can be found here. In the video Bunty admits to being a cuck, or, he admits his previous girlfriend cheated on him during their whole relationship. And the way Bunty apologized to the girl who cheated on him, and also, the way he graphically described pleasuring her with his mouth, well it did not go over well with viewers at all.

Bunty King Live

In late 2017 Bunty King launched a weekly talk show titled Bunty King Live. In each episode, Bunty King sits down with a notable commentator of the left or right wing to discuss politics, the social climate, and other issues. 

The Rubin Report

Bunty King was a guest on The Rubin Report on December 11, 2017.

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