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Sup dudes


Buzz, formerly known as xBuzzerman, is a gaming YouTuber who mostly makes videos of Roblox.


He created his channel in December of 2012 and uploaded his first video nearly two years later where he showed off various Minecraft roller-coasters. Back when he started he mostly created Minecraft and Clash of Clans videos. He made the same type of content for over a year until in 2016 he started creating Minecraft and Roblox Top 10s. Eventually in early 2017 he decided to start creating Roblox playthroughs of various servers. At the beginning of all of his videos he will usually ask the viewer a question.


  • According to his QnA Video he got the username XBuzzerman back in 2010 when he was playing a game called Combat Arms.
  • He has a slight lisp.
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