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Cameron Longree (born November 25, 2003 (2003-11-25) [age 16]), better known online as CCG88 (initialized from CoolCamGaming88), is a English YouTuber that specialises into logo content, gaming and YTPs. He is friends with many people in the logo community, such as TR3X PR0DÚCTÍ0NS and Botany Bay Pictures Films Inc. who are both well-known logo enthusiasts.


CCG88 had the idea of starting his own YouTube career in February 2014, although his first account wasn't created until November 23, 2014. He uploaded Minecraft content until June 2016, when he switched to logo content. He is still doing this content to this day until the fact that he just posted logo histories and random stuff out of other user's uploads. On his old channel, he reached 7,000 subscribers before making a new account and closing the old one.

The 2 main current series on his channel are:

  • Logo Evolution, similar to normal Logo History videos
  • Secret Logos of ___, a documentary series on lost logos of film companies.

Personal Life

At the age of 2, CCG88 was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but doctors were not able to find out why. At the age of 4 or 5, he got his first ever games console, the PlayStation 2. He and his brother would spend hours playing racing games, specifically Gran Turismo 3 and 4. His brother originally had an XBOX, and CCG88 would play on that too.

CCG88 would continously get bullied, mainly because of his actions towards other people in school and because of his hair colour, which is ginger. When he was 10, his head was smashed into a wooden fence by some bullies, although no injuries occured.

In November 2013, CCG88 got his 2nd console, the PlayStation 3. Again, he would normally play racing games. On Christmas Day 2016, he recieved a PlayStation 4.

On May 7, 2017, one of CCG88's uncles died of cancer. That same year, his grandafther was diagnosed with cancer, but wasn't told until May 2018. He is currently still alive.

On September 1, 2018, CCG88 renamed his old channel to "CCG88 [Moved]" (which was later deleted in September 4th) and created a new one due to allegations of sexual misconduct against him.

On September 28, 2018, CPF100's World was created as PPYBEN and was his friend and requested one RLE named "Working Title Films" that came on Late September.

On 2019, His First Movie Uglydolls was made.


Internet Incidents

On Wikifoundry, he attempted to rip-off the CLG Wiki by creating his own Wikifoundry site containing logos and rules copied from the wiki which resulted him getting banned as "thegreatlogoguy111" from CLG Wiki.


Sexual misconduct

On September 1, 2018, CCG was accused of creation and possession of child pornography and forcing a 14-year old girl to strip on camera. He apologized the next day and has announced a hiatus from YouTube.

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