CDawgVA has more than One Million Subscribers
CDawgVA focuses on Anime
CDawgVA is from Wales
CDawgVA is male
CDawgVA created their account in 2014
CDawgVA is a Content Creator on YouTube

Connor Marc Colquhoun (born: July 26, 1996 (1996-07-26) [age 24]) better known online as CDawgVA, is a Welsh YouTuber and voice actor known for his anime-related content.

YouTube Career

Connor created his channel on February 11, 2014, and uploaded his first video in April of that year. His videos quickly garnered attention after he started doing voice impressions. His most notable ones revolved around Sebastian Michaelis, a character from the anime Black Butler, since his voice sounds vaguely similar to that of the character's voice actor J. Michael Tatum. Nowadays, his videos have branched from purely anime/voice acting related to a wider variety.

He stated that ever since moving to Japan, he has had more opportunities to make videos on topics such as host clubs and specialty cafes, seeing that such topics are typically uncommon in the West. He's also actively involved in (and sometimes hosts) a weekly podcast with fellow YouTubers Gigguk and The Anime Man called "Trash Taste", which focuses on anime, gaming, and Japan-related topics. Connor creates a wide variety of content, ranging from covering topics such as Yaoi and Fiverr, to cosplay content.

Trash Taste (2020-present)

Main article: Trash Taste

Along with fellow anime YouTubers Gigguk and The Anime Man, they started a weekly podcast called Trash Taste where they discuss about anime, manga, and otaku culture. The first episode was released on June 6, 2020.

Personal Life

Conner was born and raised in Wales. Before joining YouTube, he played competitive chess for a short period of time.[1] He lived in Brighton and London for a good few years and moved to Japan in November 2019.


  • CDawgVA's favorite anime is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
  • At the age of 16, Connor won various Call of Duty Tournaments for prizes, making him a multi-time COD Tournament Champion.
  • He is 5'11" (180 centimeters) tall
  • Despite being an anime YouTuber, he has reviewed and made several videos on Korean comic Killing Stalking, even cosplaying Oh Sangwoo in a 2018 Anime Expo[2]

Subscriber milestones

  • 1 million subscribers: February 9, 2020
  • 2 million subscribers: March 23, 2021


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