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―COBLATGRUV’s famous comment on Me at the zoo

Tim Leister, better known online as COBALTGRUV, is an American YouTube vlogger, plus the creator of YouTube's first 'spam' message. Though he is often mistaken for being the first ever user to comment on YouTube, he actually had the second known oldest comment on YouTube which got taken down due to being identified as spam.

He is mostly known for writing, "Interesting...." on Jawed's "Me at the zoo", the first YouTube video (posted by YouTube co-creator Jawed Karim), on July 12, 2005[1][2], which got taken down due to being identified as spam after a Google+ comments integration on November 6, 2013, which removed hundreds of thousands of comments marked as spam on videos across the website.

Though "Interesting...." is often regarded as his first comment, his actual first comment is on his own first uploaded video originally called "hOUsE DISMOUNT" saying, "Well I suppose I have landed on my back once....that is only because the fence, for the input!!! COBALT", which he commented on June 16, 2005.

Though COBALTGRUV did in fact once have the oldest comment on the oldest YouTube video, Me at the zoo, his is not the oldest YouTube comment ever on the website. The first currently known user to comment on YouTube was Marco Cassé from Italy, when he did so on zubazpants's "Good Times!!!" video saying, "LOL!!!!!!!" on June 14, 2005, twenty-eight days before "Interesting...".

Jawed once commented on larfus's "Baby Fart" video saying, "rofl!!!!!!!!!!" sometime after "Interesting" in June 2005, originally uploaded on June 15, 2005,[3] which later got taken down after the channel got terminated.[4]


  • He can back flip from tall heights (20 to 30ft) and land with ease.
  • His username is based off of his DJ nickname.[5][6][7]
  • He recorded his first video with a Sony camcorder.[8][9][10]
  • He has a second YouTube channel called "COBALT".[11][12]
  • He was roughly 25 years old when he uploaded "hOUsE DISMOUNT".[13]
  • In October 2012, he published a 7 paged 2,500+ lettered biography on himself and his motivation for writing one of the first YouTube comments, which can be brought for $2.99 off of Amazon.[14]
  • He had his own website where he specializes in graphic design. As of November 2017, the website is no longer accessible.[15]