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Caeli YT has more than One Million Subscribers
Caeli YT has more than Five Million Subscribers
Caeli YT has more than Ten Million Subscribers
Caeli YT has more than One Billion Views
Caeli YT is a Vlogger
Caeli YT makes beauty videos
Caeli YT plays video games
Caeli YT is from Mexico
Caeli YT is female
Caeli YT created their account in 2010
Caeli YT is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Patricia Caeli Santaolalla López, better known as online as Caeli or CaELiKe (formerly Caeli Alien), is a Mexican vlogger.


From a young age, Caeli was involved in the field of communication, making her first appearances on her school radio. Later she participated as an extra in SKIMO, venturing into the world of acting. Around the same time, she finished her Languages ​​career as an interpreter-translator and obtained the title of "Teacher". She also studied Japanese.

She has worked in some Mexican television channels, such as Televisa in La Voz Kids 3, where she was the presenter. It is known that several intimate videos have been published by Mexivergas. Recently she uploaded a video telling that he had been sexually assaulted by thirty people without name, then Yao Cabrera pronounced himself by referring.

She is currently single. Caeli is one of the most coveted Mexicans and has had four official boyfriends, all YouTubers:

  • Yayo Gutierrez
  • Wereverwero
  • AlexXxStrecci
  • Guillermo Avilán

Types of Videos

Caelike's videos are comedic. She has made videos with some YouTubers like Werevertumorro. She is known for his innate humor.In 2015, Caeli changed her focus and began recording tutorial and makeup videos.In 2016, Caeli expanded her horizons and was introduced to the world of video games, recording while playing (although she has only made two gaming videos). Her tutorial and makeup videos became more extravagant.